Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Food Prints - An Introduction

Hello there,

Welcome to Food Prints, the blog where food is a major talking point and nothing less... I strive to find the best food locations during my travels in this endearing planet of ours though I must add, sometimes, "One man's meat is another man's poison". Well, some people "Live to Eat" and some "Eat to Live", I leave this for you to decide which better describe yourself...

For me, enjoying good food is an integral part of my life, particularly good food eaten in company, promotes a deep sense of well-being; it's simply one of life's greatest pleasures. From the past of eating by the roadside with "appalling" hygiene standards to the present of air-con comfort restaurants and diners, I have tried them all....!!! The food and dining places mentioned in here are of my opinion and of people that have dined together with me, make no mistake, I am no food critic nor writer. Places that I have never tried will not be mentioned and "biasness" is not my game. In this blog, the eating places will be categorised according to country (not very many I must say) and for some, to different cuisines. To the restaurant owners, thank you for allowing me a chance to try your food and may I wish you every success in your business.

People come and go, so do the food places and I will appreciate you leave a comment if you find anything amiss. So without further a do, let's get on with the journey....

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